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Samsung smartphone users receive mysterious ‘Find My Mobile’ notification; check details

Samsung smartphone users receive mysterious ‘Find My Mobile’ notification; check details

Samsung smartphone users were left scratching their heads when a cryptic and curious “Find My Mobile” notification flashed on their phones on Wednesday. The aftermath of this notification was such that within minutes “Find My Mobile” began trending on Twitter Events and Samsung phone users from across the globe began posting screenshots of their message box to social media platforms. The notification was unexpected because it seemed most of these users hadn’t logged onto or fiddled with settings of the “Find My Smartphone” app on their Samsung smartphone. The barrage of messages was even more mysterious because all that the notification contained was the number “1” displayed twice — “1 1”.

Twitter users have been writing to Samsung’s official handles asking if what the notification was all about\

if the message meant that they were being tracked, and, if possible, how they could disarm the app. Reddit and the user community on Samsung’s official US website were also sending frantic messages with screenshots of the same.

What is the “Find My Mobile” app all about?

“Find My Mobile” is a default application on Samsung smartphones that tracks the phone when it is lost or misplaced. Samsung’s official website states that the “Find My Movile” feature allows users to locate their Samsung tablet or smartphone and protects the data on the device in case it falls into the wrong hands. Users can also use the feature to unlock their Samsung devices in case they forget their password, PIN or the unlock pattern. The company, however, makes it clear that users have to be signed into their Samsung accounts on their smartphones or tablets to make use of this safety feature.


What does the “Find My Mobile” app do?

In case the device is misplaced or lost, the “Find My Mobile” application enables users to lock the screen, Samsung Pay feature and the power button on it. It also lets users track their devices by playing the ringtone for a minute at the maximum volume. In worst cases, the app allows users to back up the data on their smartphone or tablet onto the Samsung Cloud server from where the information can be retrieved and downloaded later on.

How can one use the Samsung “Find My Mobile” Service:

  1. The user has to set up their Samsung account on the smartphone or tablet.
  2. The user then has to permit Google to collect information regarding the device’s location.
  3. Lastly, the user has to agree to the terms and conditions that allow the app to access wireless networks.
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